Frequently Asked Questions

Why partner with Thierry Writing? +/-

Thierry Writing offers the benefits of working with a freelance writer or content strategist—flexibility, hourly rates, expertise—without the drawbacks. We take ownership of each stage of a we focus on the end product, not just the next step. More good reasons:

  • We maintain an office presence during business hours, so we're available during the day for meetings and calls.
  • We're excellent with client presentations and client relationships, and always prepared for the dynamic environment of med-legal reviews.
  • We are creative, but detail-oriented and we do everything possible to get things right the first time.
  • We’re independent and can work with little direction, but we can also work seamlessly with your creative, account, and development teams.
  • We completely get the intense pace of agency work, and we’re serious about hitting deadlines.

I have a tight deadline to meet. Can you start my project immediately? +/-

We are often working on several projects simultaneously, but we understand shifting needs and deadlines are the nature of the business. If you have an immediate project need, email or call us at 609.420.1348. Depending on our current workload and the nature of your project, we will try our best to accommodate you.

How much do you charge for your services?+/-

Because every project is so different, our rates depend on the details: scope, timeline, and deadlines. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs. 

Can you work on site? +/-

We are often asked if we’re available to work on site. Balancing the work of multiple clients makes on site work impractical, and we are best able to meet our clients’ needs when working from our own office. We do, however, maintain an office presence during business hours, so we're available during the day for meetings and calls.  And, we can arrange to be on site or travel to your clients’ locations for key meetings and presentations.

How does Thierry Writing manage the challenge of working remotely?+/-

In a word: successfully. We’ve maintained client relationships through highly complex projects, including new product launches, for years. And, our satisfied clients can attest to our efficiency and responsiveness. We use all the same tools you do when it comes to communication and collaborative work—whether it’s through FTP sites, logging on to your server, conference calls, or simply using phone and email.